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Pastor - Workers Directorate

Brief info

Remi Opayemi is a dedicated individual whose life is rooted in faith and service. With a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to ministry, Remi has been an integral part of the pastoral community.

From 2002 to 2016, Remi served as an Assistant Pastor in RCCG (Jesus House), Ibadan. Through his role, he provided guidance, support, and leadership to the congregation, playing a significant part in their spiritual journey.

In 2020, Remi embraced a new chapter in his spiritual walk as he joined Kings and Priests Centre. With a shared vision and values, he found a community where his gifts and passion for ministry could be further cultivated and shared.

Outside his pastoral calling, Remi has pursued academic excellence, obtaining a Ph.D. in Psychology. His expertise in this field, coupled with his passion for teaching, allows him to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others through his work in education.

Remi's personal life is enriched by his loving marriage to Mrs. Seto Opayemi, with whom he shares the joys and challenges of raising three children. Their family serves as a source of strength, inspiration, and support in their collective journey of faith.

In his leisure time, Remi finds solace and joy in the captivating melodies of music. He appreciates the power of music to uplift the spirit and draw one closer to God. Additionally, he finds fulfillment in providing support services, extending a helping hand to those in need.

Remi Opayemi's life is a testament to the transformative power of faith and dedication to service. With a heart attuned to the needs of others and a passion for sharing God's love, he continues to impact lives through his pastoral leadership, academic pursuits, and unwavering commitment to his family and community.

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