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In the depths of October 2010, a profound journey began. It was initiated by a dynamic pastor, Pastor Boluwaji Adedayomi, who, just months before, had made the life-altering decision to relocate his family to Canada. Little did he know that this courageous act would pave the way for the birth of Kings and Priests Centre RCCG.

With a humble beginning in their very own living room, Pastor Boluwaji Adedayomi, along with his family of four, embarked on a mission to create a haven of spiritual growth and divine connection. But it wasn’t long before their faith would lead them to a more spacious location. They discovered the hall of a renowned hotel in the city, where they held their inaugural service. The resonance of their devotion spread like wildfire, as God began to bestow His blessings upon their efforts, attracting a multitude of converts and dedicated members into their fold.

As their numbers grew, so did their aspirations. The time had come to seek a more suitable dwelling to accommodate their flourishing congregation. Thus, a new chapter began as Kings and Priests Centre RCCG moved to its current abode at the esteemed 525 Osbourne St. The walls of this sanctuary bore witness to the fervent worship and unwavering commitment of those who sought solace within its embrace.

Yet, the journey of this divine establishment held within it a poignant revelation. Many years prior, Pastor Boluwaji Adedayomi received a profound message from the Almighty Himself. It was a sacred revelation that ordained his role as the shepherd of this flock for only a limited season. True to the word he had received, in January 2016, with humility and grace, he relinquished the reins of leadership to Pastor Lekan Olatunde, who would carry forth the torch of spiritual guidance.

Today, Kings and Priests Centre stands as a beacon of faith, a testament to the unwavering devotion of its founders and the tireless efforts of its congregation. It proudly holds the distinguished position of being the Zonal Headquarters of the revered MB1 Zone in Region 12 of RCCGCA (Redeemed Christian Church of God, Canada and Americas).

Within the hallowed halls of Kings and Priests Centre, the echoes of divine connection resonate, nurturing souls, and fostering a profound sense of purpose. It is a sacred haven where the faithful find solace, a place where hearts are united in worship, and where dreams are propelled towards their destined heights.

Pastor Lekan Olatunde

Lekan Olatunde – is the Lead Pastor of RCCG Kings and Priests Centre, and the Provincial Pastor of ACT 2, Region 3, MB 4.

Called into Pastoral Ministry in year 2000 when by the leading of God accepted to Pastor his first RCCG church in Lagos Nigeria, RCCG Lord’s House. God has used him to start several other RCCG churches.

Professionally, he is an Information Technology professional, and an Oil and Gas consultant, having worked and consulted for multinational organizations such as Halliburton Canada, and Phoenix Technologies before delving into other areas of business. 

He is blessed with his wife, Olakunbi, two biological children, Olumayowasaye and Olufikayo, as well as dozens of spiritual children.

Pastor Mrs Kunbi Olatunde

Pastor Kunbi Olatunde is the wife of the Lead pastor of KAP centre. She is the Minister in charge of the Women Ministry (Royal Ladies) and also the Welcome / Guest reception team.

Together with her responsibilities as a Parish Pastor’s Wife, she is also the foreperson for the Province (MB4)

She assists the lead pastor in fostering the work of the ministry and its day to day operations.


Welcome to our digital sanctuary, where we, the redeemed, gather under the crimson banner of His precious blood. We, the chosen congregation of Kings and Priests Centre RCCG, are a church divinely ordained for greatness. Bound together by an unyielding spirit, we stand as conquerors, undeterred by the challenges that dare to cross our path.

As sons and daughters of a majestic King, our lineage is one of royalty and grace. In the sacred chambers of prayer, our voices resound with fervor, echoing through the heavens, while our praises soar to celestial heights. We are a people who understand the power of communion with the Divine.

Not only do we thrive within these spiritual realms, but we also bear the mantle of leadership in all facets of life. With unwavering resolve, we chart our course, guided by the eternal principles set forth by our Lord. We embrace our calling as trailblazers, illuminating the world with wisdom, integrity, and compassion.

In Christ, our abundance knows no bounds, for we are the heirs of His boundless blessings. Our lives overflow with His grace, and His favor accompanies us in every step we take. We stand resolute in the richness of His love, unwavering in our faith, and steadfast in our commitment to His cause.

Welcome to our sacred dwelling, where the redeemed are sanctified, and the visionaries thrive. As we embark on this journey together, let our unity and devotion ignite a flame that engulfs the world in the brilliance of His truth and unfathomable love.

Lekan & Kunbi Olatunde