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Brief info

Raphael Ekundayo Ojo is a dynamic individual whose life is dedicated to serving God and His people. With a rich history of pastoral experience, he has demonstrated unwavering commitment and leadership within the church community.

In August 2010, Raphael was ordained, marking the beginning of his pastoral journey. He has served diligently, progressing from a Parish Pastor to an Area Pastor, and eventually assuming the role of a Zonal Pastor. Throughout his ministry, Raphael has been instrumental in guiding and nurturing the spiritual growth of those under his care.

In 2022, Raphael joined the vibrant community of Kings and Priests Centre, finding alignment with their vision and values. This new chapter in his ministry allows him to bring his wealth of experience and passion for leadership to the organization, making a significant impact in the lives of the congregation.

Beyond his pastoral calling, Raphael has built a successful career as an administrator. His skills in organization, communication, and problem-solving have been honed through years of professional experience, bringing a unique perspective to his ministry.

Raphael is blessed with a supportive and loving spouse, Ojo Bosede Janet, who walks alongside him on this journey of faith. Together, they form a strong partnership, inspiring and encouraging one another in their shared mission.

In his leisure time, Raphael finds enjoyment in sports and reading. Sports provide a source of recreation and physical activity, while reading nourishes his mind and broadens his understanding of the world.

Raphael Ekundayo Ojo's life is a testament to his commitment to God, his dedication to pastoral leadership, and his pursuit of excellence in all areas of life. With a heart filled with love and a passion for serving others, he continues to impact lives, leaving a lasting legacy of faith, integrity, and leadership.

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