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Pastor - Welcome Unit

Brief info

Olakunbi Abiola Olatunde is the wife of the Lead pastor of KAP centre. She is the Minister in charge of the Women Ministry (Royal Ladies) and also the Welcome / Guest reception team.

Olakunbi Abiola Olatunde is a devoted servant of God, whose life is marked by a deep commitment to ministry and a heart for serving others. Her spiritual journey began in August 2000 when she started ministering at RCCG Lord's House, located in Ikeja. From the very beginning, she demonstrated a passion for serving in various capacities within the church.

Over the years, Olakunbi has selflessly dedicated her time and energy to different areas of ministry. She has been actively involved in the children's church, ensuring that the younger generation receives solid biblical teachings and guidance. Her compassionate nature led her to serve in welfare, extending a helping hand to those in need within the congregation and the community.

Olakunbi has also been involved in pastoral care and hospitality, demonstrating a heart for nurturing and supporting the spiritual growth of individuals. Her warm and welcoming demeanor has made her an asset in creating a hospitable environment where everyone feels valued and loved.

Currently, Olakunbi is actively engaged in the welcome and women's departments at Kings and Priests Centre. Through her involvement, she continues to contribute to the growth and well-being of the congregation, providing a place of belonging and fostering a sense of community.

Outside her ministry involvement, Olakunbi has built a successful career as a Fisheries Scientist. Her expertise in this field reflects her dedication to the study and conservation of aquatic resources, contributing to the sustainable development of this sector.

Olakunbi's personal life is enriched by her loving and God-fearing husband, with whom she shares the blessings of a harmonious marriage. They are blessed with two biological children and have opened their hearts to many spiritual children, nurturing and guiding them in their faith journey.

In her leisure time, Olakunbi finds joy in exploring new places through traveling, finding solace and strength through prayer, and expressing her creativity through cooking. These hobbies reflect her appreciation for the beauty of God's creation, her reliance on His guidance, and her desire to bless others through her culinary skills.

Olakunbi Abiola Olatunde's life is a testament to her unwavering commitment to God, her passion for ministry, and her dedication to serving others. Through her various roles and responsibilities, she continues to impact lives, fostering a sense of belonging, love, and spiritual growth within the church community.

Together with her responsibilities as a Parish Pastor's Wife, she is also the foreperson for the Manitoba Zone 1 (Women wing).

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