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Brief info

Jumoke Precious Oluyemi is a devoted servant of God whose life is characterized by a deep passion for ministry and a heart for serving others. Her spiritual journey began in 2005 when she joined RCCG, and from the very beginning, she was actively involved in the Sunday School department, where she shared her knowledge and love for God's Word with the younger generation.

Recognizing Jumoke's dedication and commitment to the work of the ministry, she was appointed as an unordained minister in 2019, marking a significant milestone in her service to God. In 2013, she was ordained as a deaconess, further solidifying her position as a leader and an example to others in the congregation.

Together with her husband, Jumoke has played an integral role in supporting the main pastor in various capacities. She has served as an assistant Sunday School coordinator, ensuring that children and young adults receive valuable spiritual teachings. Additionally, she has been actively involved as an altar minister, creating an atmosphere of worship and reverence during services. As the President of Sisters of Grace, she has led and inspired women to grow in their faith, embrace their God-given roles, and contribute to the overall growth of the church.

In 2019, Jumoke joined Kings and Priests Centre, recognizing the shared vision and values that align with her own. This new chapter in her ministry provides an opportunity for growth, spiritual enrichment, and the ability to impact lives within the congregation and the broader community.

Outside of her ministry calling, Jumoke has built a successful career as a support worker. Her compassionate nature, empathy, and commitment to helping others have made her a valuable asset in providing care and assistance to those in need.

Jumoke's personal life is enriched by her loving marriage to Olalekan Oluyemi. Together, they support and encourage one another, creating a strong foundation for their shared ministry and family life.

In her leisure time, Jumoke finds joy in exploring new places through traveling, expanding her knowledge through reading, and expressing her creativity through cooking. She has a genuine love for meeting new people, forging connections, and embracing the diversity of God's creation.

Jumoke Precious Oluyemi's life is a testament to her unwavering dedication to God, her commitment to serving His people, and her continuous pursuit of personal and spiritual growth. With a heart filled with love, compassion, and a desire to make a positive impact, she continues to shine brightly as a beacon of faith and an inspiration to others.

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