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Brief info

Eme Ekeoma-Uche is a devoted individual whose life is anchored in faith and service to God. In August 2021, she was ordained, marking a significant milestone in her spiritual journey and a testament to her unwavering dedication.

Throughout her journey, Eme has been entrusted with significant responsibilities within the church community. Her commitment to the empowerment and guidance of women led her to serve as the Good Women Leader in RCCG, LP88. Additionally, she diligently shared her wisdom and knowledge as a Sunday School teacher in LP66, nurturing the spiritual growth of those under her care.

Currently, Eme continues to impact lives through her role as a Sunday School teacher and a devoted member of the Prayer Band in Kings and Priests Centre (KAP). Her passion for teaching and interceding in prayer exemplifies her deep love for God and His people.

Beyond her spiritual calling, Eme is a student, eagerly pursuing knowledge and personal growth. Her dedication to education reflects her commitment to continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence in all areas of life.

Eme's journey of faith is intertwined with the loving support of her husband and the joy of raising three beautiful children. Her family serves as a constant source of inspiration, reminding her of the blessings that flow from a life lived in accordance with God's will.

In her leisure time, Eme finds solace and joy in the enchanting melodies of song. Her voice becomes an instrument through which she expresses her devotion and love for God.

Eme Ekeoma-Uche's life is a testimony to the power of faith, service, and personal growth. With a heart filled with love for God and His people, she continues to impact lives through her teaching, prayers, and unwavering commitment. Her dedication to her family and her pursuit of excellence serve as an inspiration to all those who have the privilege of knowing her.

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