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Welcome to the page of The Kings and Priests Men’s Fellowship inc. at RCCG Kings and Priests Centre

Mission Statement
Our mission is to nurture a community of men dedicated to encouraging growth and development, providing mutual support, and promoting exemplary Christian values in all aspects of life. We aim to foster brotherliness, spiritual growth, and active participation in church programs, ensuring every man contributes positively to their families and the broader community.

Inspired by Psalm 113:1-3 and Proverbs 27:17, our vision is to create a vibrant community where men can come together in unity, sharpening each other like iron sharpens iron. We are committed to living lives of fulfillment, righteousness, peace, and joy, serving as pillars of strength in our homes and community.

Core Values
Brotherhood: Promoting unity and friendship among our members.
Integrity: Upholding high moral standards and accountability in all our actions.
Service: Active involvement in church activities and community service.
Spiritual Growth: Regular prayer and fellowship to foster spiritual development.

Executive Members – 2024/2026
President: Pastor Enehikhare Osawaru
Vice President: Pastor Dipo Olaleye
General Secretary: Bro Christopher Medupin
Assistant General Secretary:  Bro Temitope Segun Gideon
Financial Secretary: Bro Olusola Akinola
Treasurer: Bro Olufemi Olayemi
Public Relations Officer: Bro Kolawole Awe
Welfare Officer: Dr. Tunde Banjo
Prayer Minister: Bro Sylvester Zibiri

Membership is open to all adult male members of RCCG-Kings and Priests Center , encouraging active participation and commitment through monthly contributions, involvement in church programs, and adherence to our fellowship’s code of conduct.

General Meeting: First Sunday of every month.
Monthly Prayer Meeting: Last day of each month transitioning to the first day of the new month.
Annual General Meeting: Held in January to review the previous year’s activities and plan for the future.

Code of Conduct
Our fellowship is committed to Christ-centered behavior, integrity, accountability, and servant leadership, reflecting the teachings of Christ in every aspect of our lives.

Contact Us
For more information about the Kings and Priests Men’s Fellowship or to become a member, please contact us via Email: