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Located at 669 Main St, Lighthouse Mission is a non-profit organization in the Point Douglas neighbourhood of Winnipeg’s core. As a registered Canadian charity and Christian agency, we partner with local organizations, churches, businesses and individuals to provide hope, support and encouragement to the material poor in such a way that restores dignity, community, stewardship, and spiritual intimacy with God. We are highly relational in our approach to poverty alleviation because we believe healthy communities can not exist unless the individuals in that community are experiencing healthy relationships with God, with others, with themselves, and with their environment.


Many are not aware that Lighthouse began as a local church in 1911 and didn’t become a soup kitchen until the 1930’s when, due to the depression, a dramatic increase in homelessness and unemployment demanded crisis intervention in the form of food assistance. In our over a century of service, Lighthouse has provided food, clothing, prayer, spiritual guidance, friendship, hope, joy, and love to those in need in our community.

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Our Involvement

We make the donation available to Lighthouse mission and support them in cooking and serving meals as needed. We provide materials (clothing, shoes and other personal effects) to distribute to everyone who comes to the Lighthouse Misison.

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