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“Do you need confidential and Godly counsel in a situation you are dealing with”? OR “you need a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on”, OR “you require the mind of God in any situation from competent and spirit-filled counselors”?
Please talk to us..
  • Health Counselling (Mental, Physical Health, emotional, psychological wellness), depression), physical tension, mood swings bipolar. Post Traumatic Stress, Family Planning
  • Relationship, Lifestyle & Family Abusive relationship, Addiction, Thoughts of suicide, Crisis management, Conflict resolution, Loneliness, Pornography, Cybersex, Conflicts with Siblings, Bitterness and Forgiveness, Communication. Family Counseling (Children, Youth and Young Adult), 
  • Pre-Marital and Marriage Counseling (Intending Couples) Pre-Marriage Counseling & Mentoring Separation, Divorce, Remarriage, Infidelity, In Laws & Parents in Marriage, Growing Your Marriage, Unbelieving Spouse
  • Academic, Career & Financial  Adult Literacy, Student Aid, Students with Disabilities, Provincial Grant Disbursement, Debt awareness, student loan debt, Paying Off Debt. Employment and salary potential for applicable occupation, Labour market awareness, research, and questionnaire, Planning Career, Employment Support, Job Banks, Financial Workshops, Financial Wellness at Work, Professional Development, Budget, Planning, Money Management. Understanding Your Credit
  • Spiritual Counselling (Spiritual husband, wife, spouse, dreams), needing/building closer walk with Jesus). Pray with me (PWM) either in crisis, about to take major decisions 

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